Since SIRIUS 5, a user account and a license is required to use the webservice based features of SIRIUS. No worries CSI:FingerID, CANOPUS and all upcoming tools will stay free for academic/non-commercial use and will be provided/hosted by the FSU Jena. On the other hand the Bright Giant GmbH offers SIRIUS webservice hostings for commercial users.

Academic users

Non-commercial licenses will be granted (automatically) based on the domain of your institutional email address. So please use your institutional email address for your account to benefit from free academic licenses.

The FSU Jena maintains an allow-list of academic/non-profit intuitions/organization. However, such a list will never be complete. If your Institution does not have access but should be, please email us with some information about your institution (e.g. official website) and we will grant you access.

Commercial users

Please contact Bright Giant ( for offerings and pricing.

Information about how to create an account can be found in the installation instructions